Teashop Family Volunteer Days at Hillcrest Hope

Sarah, Selena, and Brenda volunteering at Hillcrest Hope March 2015

Right in the heart of Historic Downtown Liberty you will find a thrift store that we think is pretty amazing.

The Hillcrest Hope Thrift Store provides needed funding to the ministry of Hillcrest Hope Transitional Housing & Support. Hillcrest Hope is a 90-day transitional housing program for homeless families in Clay County, Missouri. Store donations contribute to the practical needs of the families during their stay in the 90-day program, as well as aid the families as they seek their own housing upon graduation. All proceeds from the Thrift Store are used exclusively to support this well-needed organization in Clay County.

In 2014 our Teashop Family closed up on two different Saturday mornings to trek down the hill to volunteer together at their location.  We had a great time and appreciated our Anna Marie’s customers who joined us.   We love the company and hope you will volunteer with us.  Sign up for our Email Newsletter or Like us on Facebook to find out when our next Teashop Family Volunteer Days will be.

For every $12 spent in the store this covers a meal for one of the Hillcrest families.  Drop off your own donations to this worthy ministry and join us next time!